Psychopaths and Empaths - Related?

Are the two related?

According to a recent article in Psychology Today, “POV: A Perfect Devil", by Kaja Perina, published on May 06, 2014. A psychopath can be ‘a manipulative, but law-abiding individual’ that is present in the upper levels of many organizations. Psychopaths can range from stone cold serial killers, to leaders of industry, leaders in the military, and highly successful, charismatic entrepreneurs. The things that a cold killer and a successful psycho path have in common can be very similar, though a new word is being sought for the “successful” versus the “criminal” psychopath for obvious reasons.

It’s estimated one out of every twenty-five people is a psychopath.They can be highly likable, but they view other people like objects. For them, there’s no remorse over injuring, or harming another person. They consider people the way you or I would toss out a used Kleenex, or kill a mosquito biting us. Though they would never show it, because they know how to act empathetic, because they’re also smart.

If a psychopath is unfeeling, and not at all empathetic like an empath is, can the two be related as other ends of the spectrum? Can someone who is an empath, known for their abilities to feel what others feel to the point of almost,if not entirely, being able to read others minds and even heal others, convert to become a psychopath capable of killing instead of healing? Are the two no more than other ends of the spectrum just as hot and cold are, capable of sliding from one end to the other after an influence is exerted?

It may seem they are too far away from each other to ever meet, but cannot ice be melted and water be frozen? Can an empath’s ability to connect to others be used to harm instead of heal once the empath has been turned into a psychopath?

This is the question in the book, Power, Control, Performance.

Any thoughts?

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